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I want to break into modeling. How do I go about doing that with 7 Stone Management?
We suggest that you first get professional Modeling Images to start your portfolio. 7 Stone Management always accepts modeling submissions on our site. Please click on the following link to fill out a submission and attach your professional images


I don’t have professional modeling photos. What can I do?
7 Stone understands that not everyone trying to break into modeling will have professional pictures. If you would still like to fill out a Modeling Submission, please upload images that follow these guidelines: one person featured, well lit, neutral background, no selfies.
Why haven’t I heard back from my submission?
7 Stone Management receives around 150 submissions a week, if not more. Unfortunately, we do not have the administrative power to contact each and every submission. If you are selected, you will be contacted for a brief interview.
Is 7 Stone an Exclusive Modeling Agency? How do I sign with this Agency?
We are not an exclusive agency. We encourage our team to join other agencies as well so that they can get exposed to as many opportunities as possible.
I’m looking for someone to manage my band/music act.
7 Stone Management does not offer exclusive management for music acts. We serve as a Booking Agent only. We maintain a roster of all genres of music that we use to submit to our clients for their events. If you would like to be considered for profile on our site and added to our Booking Roster, you can submit your act by clicking on the following link:
This is my unique talent _______. Do you have any work for me?
7 Stone is constantly discovering that Michigan is jam packed with amazing specialty acts. We are always seeking fun and exciting talent that we can offer our clients. Please fill out the Entertainer submission at the following link and describe your unique skill as completely as possible.
How can I hire a model?
All business inquiries can be submitted by filling out the email form here. Please mention the service or brand you represent, the general scope of work you’re looking for our models to perform, and the date and location of your event or shoot, if determined.
Are there any fees involved with joining 7 Stone?
Absolutely not. Be wary of any modeling agency that requests a “submission fee” or anything of the sort. There are some positions that require licensing through the Michigan Gaming Control Board and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, in which license fees are applicable.
What is a Brand Ambassador position?
7 Stone has many clients that require Experiential Marketing Promotions. We hire and train our Brand Ambassadors to become very knowledgeable and well versed on a specific Product or Service. We book our Brand Ambassadors to represent our client’s product or service. This can be Beer, Wine or Spirits Promotion, to Trade Shows, to Vendor Booths at Festivals, etc.
What is a MLCC Licence and TiPS Certification?

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) requires that any person promoting the sale of beer, wine, or spirits must hold a valid MLCC Salesperson license. 7 Stone Management is a broker with the MLCC and facilitates the licensing process for those on our team. There is a state regulated $35.00 licensing fee and a $10.00 mandatory ICHAT background check fee in order to apply for this license.

TiPS is a nationally recognized “Responsible Alcohol Service” Training Program. The MLCC mandates that all persons who serve beer, wine, or spirits are required to hold a valid TiPS or TAM Certification. 7 Stone Management houses a certified TIPS trainer and also facilitates this training and certifications for our team at the lowest cost available.

Licensing and Certification

7 Stone is a licensed broker with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC), allowing us to facilitate licensing for our team members according to state regulations.

As a licensed supplier through the Michigan Gaming Control Board, 7 Stone is able to provide our extensive goods and services at all Michigan Casinos.

TiPS is a nationally recognized “responsible alcohol service” training program that is mandated by the State of Michigan. 7 Stone houses a certified TiPS Trainer to train and certify our team of Brand Ambassadors, Bartenders, and Servers.